Proactive Maths



The Proactive Maths Trail is great resource for schools and teachers of a variety of subjects.

Teachers can take their students to our various centres for a two and a half hour “Hands on” experience comprising of around 40 challenges followed by some fun activities including Archery, Orienteering, Team Games and Grass Sledges.

The day runs from 10am-3pm.



The Proactive Maths Trail is a resource for schools, colleges and others whereby learning mathematics is facilitated in an active, practical, hands-on, experiential, problem solving and novel manner, under the supervision of teachers/leaders from the partaking establishment/s and with the help and guidance of the personnel presenting the Proactive Maths Trail (Facilitators). It includes all the resources, physical and intellectual, required to provide the mathematics learning outcomes for groups working through the “Challenges” associated with the location. Many Challenges are location sensitive.



The Proactive Maths Trail is a unique and wonderful resource for teachers whose subject requires practical ‘Hands on” mathematics. We expect it will be a fun mathematics learning experience for your students who will be involved in learning activities that will include many learning outcomes. They will have ‘hands on’ to practical mathematics that will introduce and/or reinforce knowledge.


We would like to draw attention to the notes below on ‘Strategy of checking’, ‘Recording’ and ‘Group activities’.

List of Challenges:   A list of challenges for the chosen centre will be sent to the leader of all groups following the payment of the deposit.

Please note that new challenges are being constructed and will be introduce shortly. We continually plan to add more challenges.


We welcome everyone who enters our Proactive Maths Trail.  We invite you to have fun with the challenges we present.

We challenge you to complete activities using your knowledge and skills and employing many learning methods we feel you will enjoy. Even though it is open to individuals, we have based all our challenges on groups of four. We feel this intensifies the experience especially when the group works as a team in competition with other groups. Everything you do in the challenges will mean you have achieved something for yourself and your team.

On your visit to a Proactive Maths Trail we ask that you be aware of and care for other users, yourself and your team, the special environment that exists in most of the locations, general outdoor safety and safety around water and lakes. There can be activities near the sides of public roads and cycle and pedestrian ways where you must take extreme caution. Students will take responsibility for the use of special equipment and instruments and for their safe return.



Keep up and/or revise your mathematics. Keep your brain active. Enjoy the challenge and the success. Use and practice “PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS”.